Monday, March 29, 2010

Clean Up For Heart Health!

Did you ever think a personal trainer would tell you to do housework for better heart health? That's exactly what this trainer is saying to you!

Don't get me wrong, just doing housework isn't going to make you look like a super model. It's not going to allow you to go out and run a marathon or play an intense game of basketball without being sore the next day. But if your interest is simply to lower your risk of degernerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, get moving!

It's not limited to just housework. Yard work, gardening, repair work and anything that gets you up and moving, are important contributors to disease prevention.

Physical activities such as these will also burn calories. No, not as much as a formal exercise program, but don't count them out. Anytime you're up and moving, you are burning calories!

As a beginner, your goal should be to burn about 150 calories per day, or 1,000 per week. You also want to accumulate 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days of the week. This can include your housework, yard work or other physical activities.

So, if your goal is to lower your risks of disease, simply start moving more. You don't have to become a runner or a bodybuilder (as some people may have that belief). Just get up and get going! Even better than that, put some fun music on, it will naturally inspire you to move quicker and thus burning more calories.

Be creative and start thinking of ways you can add more physical activity to your day -- start today!

What's your favorite way of burning calories? We'd love to hear from you, leave us a message below!

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