Friday, February 25, 2011

Trustworthy wellness website

I've been teaching an exercise and activity class at our local library (click here for details) and what I've noticed is that a lot of people are confused about what they need to do to get fit.

There's so much information floating around that's it's easy to get confused. You may read an article talking about one subject, then see something else that seems to contradict it. There's so much misinformation and misleading statements, diets, fitness programs, that anyone can get confused!

Here are a few links that you can trust to educate you properly about fitness, wellness & health:

1. ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). They set the standards, so you know when you see their name behind something or read an article from them, you can trust it!

2. CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). You might think this is unrelated, but just like the ACSM, their word is final and you can trust it. Read all about healthy living and prevention of disease.

3. My Everything you need to learn about nutrition. This is an interactive site, you can even input your stats to see how many calories you need/day. Plus, you can track your daily food log and it will tell you if you're getting the correct amount of each food group. Pretty cool!

4. American Dietetic Association (aka Tons of great info about healthy eating - Find a registered dietitian, get education about healthy eating, recipes, etc. Remember, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist but you must have the degree and have passed a rigorous test of knowledge to become a RD.

Check out these websites and let us know if they helped!