Monday, April 4, 2011

Staying motivated to be healthy

How do you stay motivated to keep exercising and eating healthy? Believe it or not, everyone, even long time exercisers, has to work at staying motivated.

1. Find an activity that you enjoy
For example, if you love being outside, don't go to a gym, find outdoor activities.

2. Mix it up
Don't do the same exact workout, week after week, month after month. Change it up a bit once every 4-6 weeks. How? One simple way is to use the FIT approach: Change Frequency, Intensity and/or Time (how long you exercise).

3. Make yourself do healthy things, even when you don't feel like it!
If you're inconsistent, you're not going to see results. What does this mean? You aren't going to stay motivated to keep going! Seeing results is the biggest motivator. If you're consistant and you're not seeing results, something isn't quite right and you either need to re-evaluate what you're doing or enlist the help of a professional.

4. Join a group
If you're part of a group that is working towards the same goal, even if it's as simple as getting through a brutal 1 hour fitness class, you'd be surprised how helpful & motivating it is! Knowing you're not the only one out there working is nice; plus, you may make a new friend or two.

5. Exercise the same time of day
If you're a morning person, workout in the morning. If you're not a morning person, like me, do it either first thing when you get home or at lunch. Make it a priority!

6. Subscribe to a healthy cooking magazine
You'll have an endless supply of healthy recipes and you will never get bored! My favorite is Taste of Home Healthy Cooking magazine. It's got tons of really great, easy and healthy recipes every issue.