Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fitness assessment two for Ronna

Ronna, one of our long distance clients, has been working with me for 16 weeks.  We recently had her second
fitness assessment.  Results reflected her dedication and we both are thrilled!

I'm pleased to share that she has lost 11 total inches from her body.  ELEVEN INCHES!!  

That's amazing!  The great think is, she did it the right way.  No fad dieting, no crazy workouts.  She did it through healthier, balanced eating and moving more.  She's healthier and creating a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.  

I've continuously been impressed with how Ronna has taken everything we work on to heart.  She told me she was ready for a change when we started, and boy, she was right!  Congratulations Ronna.  I'm proud of you!

If you're ready to make a change I would love to speak with you.  Contact me!  OnTrackFitness.Net  -- Emily Colllins, Owner of OnTrack Fitness