Monday, June 2, 2014

Honolulu Triathlon results

My last entry I discussed my upcoming triathlon, the first one in Hawaii and how I wasn't feeling ready because of some illness.  You can read about my nerves and fears here but come back because the race is

Yes, the race is done & I forgot something.  I forgot how much fun triathlons are!  Even when you're not feeling 100% they are fun.  They're all about fun, because frankly, why do them if they aren't fun.  Right? 

I forgot how much I love triathlons.  I've always raced triathlons with my health issues, and I forgot about that too.  I let the newness of the ocean combined with the newness of actually feeling healthier, then suddenly not feel well, get to me. 

But I quickly remembered the joy they bring.  All it took was me hitting the water.  That old feeling came back & the rest is history.  I smiled the entire race, loved every single minute of it (not an ounce of nerves about sharks, lol) and I got first in my age group.  A first for me!  My triathlon days are not over & I couldn't be happier about it.  In fact, my next one is already planned for September.

The morale of this story: If you have a goal or dream, work for it & do it even if you think you're not ready. You may surprise yourself & you'll certainly be glad you did it! - Written by Emily Collins, owner & trainer Honolulu, HI