Friday, August 28, 2015

Never too late to get healthy

My in laws periodically send me pictures of their dinners. They're working hard at a healthier lifestyle and I'm so proud of them. It's nice we can share this since we're so far apart (Indiana/Hawaii).

A few years back my father in law had some heart troubles and has gluten intolerance. My mother in law also has had some health concerns. So they're serious with the food and being more active. 

She exercises almost every day on her treadmill and does bodyweight exercises. He walks outside a lot. They both enjoy cooking so finding healthy updates to their favorite recipes has been a great bonding experience for them - and built in support. 

I think this is a beautiful example of how it's never too late to take healthy changes. 

Everyone can become healthier, even after a diagnosis. If you're in a situation like this remember that you can still lead a healthier lifestyle. Get support, get educated about your disease and start taking the necessary today steps to become healthier. You can do it!