Sunday, February 7, 2016

Triathlon training: get the right bike

I was finally convinced to get a new carbon fiber bike for my triathlon training & I'm loving it!  
My 2016 Cannondale Synapse 105

After researching & test riding several bicycles I chose Cannondale Synapse 105. 

Here's why my new bike was the right choice for my triathlon training: 
It has a slight upright sit but you can also get low to race.  Most triathletes want to get low for more aerodynamics.  I can do this but the way the construction is, I have some options. 

The fork & down tube design is shock absorbing. It's a nice, comfy & 'soft' ride for many miles. 

Immediately when I tested this bike it felt like someone had made it specifically for me.  No pain. Perfect fit.  Wonderful!

Cycling can be painful for me because of spine & other health issues so I think this ride will be a good fit to help me stay in the saddle. 

MORAL: get what YOU need. 

Test, research, ask questions & get what bike fits your needs. Comfort is key, everything else starts from there. Happy riding! - Coach Emily