Thursday, May 12, 2016

Perfect training seasons are rare

You're never going to have a perfect training session. Ok, maybe not never but very close to it. Training for a race, whether it's a half marathon, marathon or triathlon, is going to be filled with surprises. It's part of it. It's why many people never start. You can't wait for life to settle down because it's not going to.

My 1st marathon (Honolulu Marathon), which happened to
be the very FIRST training season that
went exactly as planned start to finish. This was 2013,
19yrs after I started doing races.
Illness (yourself or kids or the entire family), overtime hours at work, work trips at the very worst possible time, family emergencies & the list goes on & on at what can come up. Those things are going to be there no matter what. So don't wait. When they do come up, remind yourself that it's part of life & don't freak out over training. Do what you can and keep moving forward.

I started doing events in 1994. Guess how many 'perfect' training seasons I've had? Two. Guess what I found out about it. It doesn't matter. The events are the same. They're still a challenge whether nothing unexpected came up or you missed a week due to travel. You'll still cross the finish line. You'll still be glad you started & kept going and you'll still sign up and do another! - Coach Emily