Friday, April 30, 2010

Fitness inspiration

Being fit is something that requires dedication. It can be difficult to at times to stay focused, even for a fitness professional. So, how have I done it for so many years? I find inspiration to be fit in just about everything. This is something I learned, not something I was born with. That means, you can learn it too!

Here's an example. When I worked as a full time ballroom dance instructor, I was surprised to find that most of my colleagues didn't work out.

Sure, dancing was great exercise. But I looked at it like this: I wanted to be fit so I could be focus on my job. I wanted the dancing not to be the workout so I could put my focus on my technique and on my students I taught. I was inspired to be as fit as possible to be better at my job.

It's the same now that I'm a trainer and group fitness instructor. I enjoy staying fit so that when I work with clients or groups, it's easy for me. That way, I can put my focus on my clients rather than on how hard I'm working.

I've noticed that a lot of people have a different view than I do. I think most people would say that having an active job is enough. I see it the opposite. I want to be as fit as possible so my job is easy. It's just a matter of adjusting the view point.

What's your view point? Maybe you don't have an active job, most people don't. Do you have kids? Stay active and fit for them. Kids are little bundles of energy and they require us to have energy, too.

Find your inspiration in whatever your circumstances are and stay fit for your life!

What inspires you to stay fit? Share you secrets with us!