Friday, May 7, 2010

Desk job workout

I have a lot of clients that have stressful jobs. They sit at a desk all day, every day. It's hard to come home after a long day at the office, have supper, get the kids to bed and then try to get in a workout.

Here's a few exercises that you can do in the office in no time at all. These exercises will help keep in shape, relieve stress and refresh your mind.


1. Pushups: You can do these right at the edge of your desk, sitting in your chair or if you're like me, do them against a filing cabinet while you're standing there making copies.

2. Squats: Easy, just stand up and sit down a few times at your desk. You've just done squats! Note: make sure your knees are behind your toes. (If you sit/stand normally, you'll do this.)

3. Leg extensions: Sitting at your desk, straighten your leg to strengthen your quads. No one will ever know your exercising, it'll be your little secret!

4. Toe/heel raises: You can do these exercises to strengthen your calves and shins either seated or standing (again, at the copier). Tip: if you're seated, put a stack of files on your lap to add a little weight.

5. Tricep dips: Easily done at the edge of your desk or file cabinet. Or, you could do a tricep pushup the same way, instead of dips.


It's just as important to stretch your muscles as it is to strengthen them, and it can really relieve tension. Remember to hold your stretch about 15 seconds, and don't forget to breath.

1. Chest/shoulder/bicep: Our chest muscles get so tight, especially if we sit at a desk working on the computer all day. Clasp your hands behind your back and lift up until you feel a stretch. Repeat a few times during the day.

2. Glute/hip: A simple stretch that feels great. Sit tall at your desk, cross one leg so the ankle is sitting on top of your lap, right above the knee. With a straight back, lean forward until you feel a great stretch in the outer hip area.

3. Back: Again, a great stretch to relieve tension. Clasp hands together in front of you and round your upper back. Enjoy!

4. Full body: just like the picture!

I used to do these exercises all the time when I worked at an office. No one noticed, so if I did it, you can -- don't be shy! Who cares if they notice, you're taking care of your body.

Don't forget, good posture while you're seated will give you more energy and won't leave you feeling tight and tired after work. Sit tall, abs tight and shoulders pulled back and down. Oh, and don't forget to take some deep breaths as you work.

Now there's no reason you can't get a little exercise, even with a busy schedule. Try it!