Wednesday, April 20, 2011

5 more motivational tips

On my last post, I listed 5 tips that successful people do to in order to make healthier lifestyle changes. (click here to go to the post).

Well, I've got 5 more, as promised:

1. They use a workout log
It can be as simple as writing your workouts on a calendar, or as elaborate as using an online log (I like dailymile)

2. They get a support system
You might have to go out and look for one (ex, finding a group to exercise with) or if you're lucky you'll have it right there at home!

3. They use pedometers
If you're just starting out at creating a healthy lifestyle, using a pedometer is a GREAT way to constantly remind yourself to get moving!

4. They get adequate sleep
There's always reasons to stay up, but if you want to be healthy, go to bed! No one, I repeat, no one feels like exercising when they're sleep deprived. Don't make it harder on yourself than you have to. (Not to mention that studies show lack of sleep makes it hard to lose weight)

5. They don't skip meals and they drink plenty of water
I don't think I need to elaborate!

While every tip may not work for every person, there is a common thread among the tips & the people who are successful. They're determined, organized and they have support. Remember this - if you're truly ready to make a change, nothing is going to stop you. So get out there, and get healthy!

Did I miss a tip? Share with us your experience!