Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exercise isn't all or nothing

Are you an 'all or nothing' kind of person?  There's a lot of you out there.
When I consult with new clients I come across this attitude a lot.  Guess what - it's a great way to set yourself up to fail!

Break it down.  If you have an all or nothing attitude, when your workouts aren't 'all' (you missed one workout) you're most likely going to choose 'nothing' (skip the next, and next, and next) because you feel it's not worth doing.  Right?  Not true!

No one is perfect.  We're going to have off days, off workouts, off weeks.  So if you think you're going to continuously make perfect choices day after day, week after week for eternity...wrong!  If you stay on the couch one night instead of taking a walk, your whole week isn't shot.  Get up the next day & start new.

Maybe this is familiar:  since you ate one cookie, everything is ruined so you might as well eat anything and everything.  Wrong! 

Making a healthy lifestyle change (or any change) will never stick if you're mindset is all or nothing.  

The point of fitness or making healthy lifestyle changes is to keep going.  Just keep moving, keep trying to stay healthy.  Keep growing and learning.  

Successful people don't have a magic potion.  They're just like everyone else except they just don't quit.

Check your attitude.  Are you all or nothing?  If so, the next time you start thinking about chucking it all because you had one bad decision, stop & remember to step back, take a breath & keep moving forward.

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