Thursday, March 1, 2012

Believe in yourself

We work with a lot of beginners at OnTrack Fitness.  Beginners who take BIG leaps of faith to try something new, like a triathlon or half marathon or even just becoming an active person when they've been inactive their entire lives.  

These people are cool people.


Picture this:  You haven't gotten on a bike in 10 years.  You've never really swam, except splashing around in a pool when you were a kid.  Then someone tells you you're going to enter into an event that you must swim (not splash), bike AND run...and it's a race.  And that sure, it's doable.

Or how about this.  Three months ago, you weren't even think about becoming a runner.  Now, you're working with a group training to run 13.1 miles.

What would you say about this?  These folks said "Yeah, ok.  Let's go for it."

These awesome people didn't let what they WERE dictate what they believed they could be.  

Most weren't sure if they could, but they went for it anyway.  Even if they didn't know all the details when they started, they listened & learned.  Even if they'd been on a loop of exercising - not exercising for years, they committed to our program anyway.

These people were just like you.  No super powers. 

My question to you:  Do you believe?  Do you believe you can do some things & not others?  Why?

You've got to start BELIEVING you can do it.  Believe you can make a change in yourself.  

Believe you can, because you know what - you can!  Stop saying 'I'm not that kind of a person' or 'I've tried it before & it didn't work' or 'I've never been athletic.'  

What's any of that got to do with it?  Set a goal, learn what you need to do to achieve it, get help if you need it and get it done.  You can do this!

Share with us your story.  We want to hear how you went for it and made a change.  

Or, if you're ready and need some help, let us know.