Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Set SMART goals

Setting goals is an obvious good start to accomplishing a task, even in the fitness realm.

Have you heard of the SMART approach to goal setting?  To really make good, solid goals that aren't just fluffy dreams, use this approach.  Ask yourself "is the goal I set..."

Specific - Easily understood, specifically state what you want accomplished.   

Measurable - The goal must be able to be measured so you know that you've reached it.

Attainable - It must be able to be reached.  Not too easy, not too difficult.

Relevant (aka realistic) - It's got to be pertinent to your needs and abilities.

Time bound - It's got to have a deadline.

Try this as you set your next fitness goal or make sure the goals you're working toward now are SMART goals.  By the way, if you don't have fitness goals, what are you waiting for?  Go to it!

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