Monday, June 11, 2012

Bailey's boost up part 1

This is Bailey.  She's committed herself to better health, weight loss & fitness.  Bailey started working with OnTrack Fitness around two months ago with a goal to lose weight & become a runner.  "It's time for a new chapter in life" she says.

So far, Bailey has lost about 20 pounds.  She's gone from intervals of walking 2 minutes/running 30 seconds to 1 minute walk/3 minute run intervals.  

She's also started making healthier food choices.  One main change is when she eats out.  We discussed thinking of ways to *add* healthy foods instead of focusing on *taking away* foods.  This puts a positive light on the process plus when adding healthy foods it's most likely naturally replacing something less healthy.

Her biggest struggle?  Simply "doing it - breaking the bad habits."  I can relate, can you?

Bailey has gotten "tons of support" from her co workers at the Sassy Seale, the salon where she does hair.  She also says her parents have been wonderful supporters.  It's been a big help in keeping motivated.

So how did Bailey do this week?  "Pretty good, not my best.  I gained 2 pounds because of my eating.  It was an eye opener."  This week, she's putting that behind her, moving forward and has already got one workout in, going grocery shopping & has three other workouts on her schedule.  Outlook: Very positive!

When I asked Bailey what she would tell someone in her position who hasn't started their healthy quest yet, she said "Working out makes you trust yourself.  You can be the change you want to be...even though that's cliche, it's true!"

Are you ready to trust yourself?  Take Bailey's cue & start breaking those bad habits.  We're here if you need us, let me know when you're ready!

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