Thursday, May 9, 2013

An evening run

Last night I went for a run at a crowed park near my house.  I ran past a lot of people, most of whom I didn't notice.  I was concentrating only on myself & my run. But as I came up behind one man he caught my eye.  His walking was labored because of an injury or deformity.

When I turned around and headed back I went past this man again this time face to face.  He caught my eye again & for a split second we made eye contact. What I saw in him was glimmer of pain & loneliness and then we passed.

It took only a fleeting moment but I had time to feel compassion for him & make the decision to go about my way as if I’d never noticed. Once I passed I wondered to myself why I didn't just give him a smile. I wanted to. My heart told me to but I ignored it. Why? I was thinking so much about my day & my problems that I missed the opportunity to do a small little thing that would’ve cost nothing.

A smile takes the focus away from us & onto the other person. It opens hearts & it’s easy! It has power to turn someone’s bad day into a better day, & it’s the first step toward showing love to another person.

I practiced smiling the rest of my run. I’m going to keep practicing. Being friendly, showing a little glimmer of kindness to others is the start of having love toward others & it changes the smiler from the inside out.  I know I have to consciously make daily efforts to make it a lifestyle, just like with fitness.
Will you join me? Let’s take the focus off of ourselves & show others a little love by simply giving a smile.