Monday, June 25, 2012

No excuses in fitness

You've read about Bailey in our past post.  You know she's set her sights on becoming healthy, fit & active (one of her goals was to become a runner).

In the month of June, Bailey has gone a bit up and down but overall she's had success.

She's struggled with a sore foot but has managed to keep a
positive attitude & we've worked through it.  "Excuses are like armpits" she says.  "Everybody has them and they all stink."

She lost 3 pounds so far in June.

Three pounds is 10,500 calories that Bailey has either burned off or not eaten.  Ever think of it like that?  You should be!

We're working through the book Back to Basics which is teaching Bailey healthy, practical eating & weight loss habits.  Right now, we're working on Tips 2 & 4 in the book, which is planning ahead and making time for breakfast.

We're also staying up on her calories in vs calories out to keep on track with the weight loss.

Her ongoing homework is to grocery shop, food log & of course, keep exercising (she does 4 days/week).

Bailey's doing great with keeping consistent with exercise.  She's had a sore foot so we're being proactive by doing circuit training & water aerobics until she heals.

I asked her what helps her stay motivated.  "There's a bible verse I have up at work.  'Delight in the Lord & He will give you the desires of your heart.'  I just love that verse."

Bailey, keep the positive attitude.  You're on your way!

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