Saturday, June 15, 2013

Long distance fitness training with Ronna

This is Ronna.  She's just starting her journey to better health with us & we're going to share her progress.

She's ready to lose weight, feel better & create a healthy lifestyle that she'll continue the rest of her life for both herself & her young family.

Ronna will be working with me via the OnTrack Fitness long distance training option.  She'll have weekly 'homework' including workouts, nutrition education & anything else we need to work on to reach her goals.  

I'll be consulting with her once a week through phone or Skype to discuss how her week went, answer questions & guide her lifestyle changes.

Ronna has agreed to be an open book to help inspire others on her journey.  She says that if she - just a regular person wanting to create a healthier life for her & her family can do it - anyone can.  

Welcome aboard Ronna.  You're going to succeed!