Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ronna: personal training update

Ronna just finished her third week of our long distance training with me and she's on a roll!

We've been working on consistently eating three meals a day, logging her food intake twice a week to stay focused & make sure her calorie intake is correct.  

Ronna is learning to eat foods in moderation & balancing her diet (aka her daily food intake).  Last week her husband brought home cheese cake.  She was thrilled to realize that yes! She can have a slice, and without guilt, because she planned it into her discretionary calories. 

She's lost a total of 2.4 pounds and feels great!  "I'm so happy I can still have snacks and not feel like it's cheating."  "This is something I can do for life" she mentions.  

This week we're continuing to reinforce balanced meals.  I'll be teaching her to grocery shop for HER too - not just picking up foods the kids & her husband want.

Ronna is learning slowly that she's capable of becoming healthy and she deserves to be healthy!