Friday, August 23, 2013

Fitness rest week for Ronna

Rest is an important piece of wellness
Ever have one of those days?  How about a week long bout of it?  We all have bad days & sometimes we have bad weeks!

Last week on our session, Ronna had been through a tough week.  We spent much of our session discussing what was going on.  We talked about how she felt, her thoughts on how her healthy lifestyle progress & the support she was getting from friends & family. 

We ended up deciding she was due for a rest week, both mentally & physically.  

Today was our session after her rest week.  Big difference!  Her circumstances haven't changed but was HAS changed is her attitude.  Don't get me wrong, Ronna is a positive person.  But it's clear she needed a break & I'm thrilled she was open to taking it.  

We ALL need a break from time to time.  It doesn't make us weak, or uncommitted.  It doesn't mean we aren't reaching our goals.  It's actually part of being healthy!  Purposely taking time to recharge is a must.  Hence vacation from work, school break & rest days/weeks from training.

Do you take rest days?  How about rest weeks?  If you do, congrats!  If you don't, start doing it!  You'll be a stronger & healthier person for it!   

If you need a little guidance with your quest for a healthy, fit life let me know.  It doesn't matter where you live or what level you are at, OnTrack Fitness offers fitness training for everyone!