Friday, September 6, 2013

Be flexible with your workouts

I was so tired today & really didn't want to do my scheduled run. You know, the kinda tired where you find yourself sitting there staring forward & don't know how long you've been doing it.  Yuck!

I just had a rest week, I've already taken my rest days this week & I knew I wasn't tired from over training or lack of sleep.  I'm just tired.  So I decided to get outside & do a fun walk, just for some fresh air & movement.  It wasn't a run like planned.  I could've decided that since I was too tired to run I wasn't going to do anything.  Walking seems too easy when you're used to running...

I am SO glad I chose to stay relaxed & listened to my body's needs.  I ended up exploring my neighborhood, seeing some beautiful sights (see pic) that I hadn't seen before AND getting a GREAT workout! Lots of hills got my heart pumping, fresh air gave me energy & I even ended up doing some running at the end. 

Total workout time: 1 hour.  

Lesson: do what you can when you're not 100% and don't worry over it, be flexible with your routine & most importantly ENJOY yourself!