Friday, August 9, 2013

Fitness update

Another healthy week is on the books for Ronna!  Her quest for a healthier
lifestyle is going very well.  

Ronna has lost another pound, a total of just under 7 pounds in 9 weeks.  That may seem low but it's actually right on target.  Losing 1/2 - 2 pounds per week is ideal.  

She's also noticing she's fitting better into clothes much better.  This is an indicator that she's losing fat.  

The weight loss is great & it's one of her goals, but the healthy lifestyle change is the ultimate goal.  She's doing this the right way & learning how to be a role model for her kids.  Every week we work on making healthy habits.  Here's what she's incorporated so far:  

  • Eats three meals a day & includes snacks if needed within her daily calorie goal
  • Grocery shopping every week & planning ahead for meals & snacks
  • Learning the cues of feeling full & stops eating when she feels these cues
  • We've found workouts she enjoys & she's learned the best time of day to get them in.  She also hasn't shoved crazy amounts of exercise onto herself.  3-4 times/week is enough plus being conscience of staying active.
  • Listening to her body & incorporating rest weeks when needed (about every 4-6 weeks is good for Ronna)
She's starting to understand her body's cues - that things don't have to be perfect to be healthy - and that there's room for personal preference choices with nutrition & exercise.  

We're both loving this progress & looking forward to the upcoming weeks because she's really on a roll!