Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ronna's fitness update: week 8

We're in week 8 of Ronna's training with OnTrack Fitness (via long distance) & I'm happy to say things are going very well for her.

It's not because of me, and it isn't because life's a bed of roses.  Ronna is succeeding because she made the decision that she will succeed. It's paying off!

Here are a few of her successes:
  • Weight loss.  As of week 6 she lost over 5 pounds 
  • Measurements.  As of week 6 her measurements have decreased 7 inches from her waist & chest (I won't let her do total body until 12 weeks)
WAIT - here's the really cool successes:
  • Soda now tastes bad.  In fact, now if she tastes it she doesn't like it at all.  Now she prefers water.  
  • Her body "is starting to reset what it's tastes are."  Now, one bite of a dessert is enough and she's actually preferring fruits as a treat.
  • No more skipping meals.  Before when she was stressed she'd skip meals.  No more meal skipping, the focus is on staying fueled to better deal with what's going on in life. 
  • Her body is craving exercising & it LOVES the feeling of a good workout!  She's becoming more confident that she can start a workout, do well, and finish it feeling great.  
  • Her energy level has increased & that it's affecting her ability to be more involved with her kids.  She doesn't tucker out & in fact she looks forward to doing things like taking them to Chuck E Cheeses and playing with them!  That's a life changer for her family.  Isn't that what being healthy is all about?!
Bravo Ronna!  You've taken every piece of information I've given you and made it your own.  This is just the start of a wonderful new life ahead!