Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weight loss celebration

On September 18, I will be celebrating the date that I promised myself that I would change my life.  

On that date 5 years ago I had weight loss surgery.  Many say that is the lazy way out.  Not true, it is a tool and the scar from the surgery reminds me of it everyday.  

After my surgery I lost about 100 pounds from my highest weight.  I still have to watch what and how much I eat.  I still have to workout and exercise.  I had a knee surgery 9 months after my weight loss surgery that caused me to gain 30 pounds back.  I have been fighting to lose it ever since. 

With the help of the love of my life, who too has struggled with weight, we have lost a combination of 40 pounds over the past few months. Having a partner to encourage food choices and going to workout is the best tool of all. 

We work together to be healthy.  It starts at the grocery store together to have the right foods in the house for meals and snacks.  We plan out our trips to the gym.

We encourage each other and celebrate our victories together.

Written by Angie Conway, OnTrack Fitness personal trainer & group fitness instructor, Indianapolis IN