Friday, October 25, 2013

Marathon training update

I had a scheduled 18-19 mile long run yesterday.  The route was planned and I was ready.

Things were going really well until I realized I was at mile 16 and getting home was going to take a lot more than 2 or 3 miles.
Taken during my run

At mile 20 I started to panic.  I was still on the canal, which meant at least 2 more miles.  My body wasn't ready for this, and after all this training, getting injured due to a mistake in route would really suck.

After a few minutes of panicked thinking, I realized that I have no choice but to keep going.  There was no need to panic at the moment.  I wasn't injured.  I felt fine, and I had no other means of getting home.

My body, while it's not the strongest in the world, has become strong enough to, not only train for a marathon, but also to do more than what I thought possible.

So I started giving thanks to God for a strong body, and for the wonderful things it can do.  I started smiling at other people, and I took in the beautiful surroundings of Hawaii.

The last few miles went perfectly fine; I did a total of 22.73.  Nothing bad happened.  I made it home with no injury, with no more aches than at mile 18 and a lesson about giving thanks to God. Who woulda known?  Plus, now I know I'm ready to kick this marathon straight in the butt!!
-- Written by Emily Collins, Owner of OnTrack Fitness & personal trainer Honolulu, HI