Saturday, January 4, 2014

Read this if you don't like to exercise

Not everyone likes to exercise.  I don't know, maybe you're one of them.  

Some people hate sweating, and the thought of taking time to exercise (which they hate), sweat (horrid) and then take time afterward to shower just seems like more trouble than it's worth.  

You know what, that's ok.  It's not shameful to have those feelings!  
Her latest workout at the gym.
Nice & easy does the job!

My sister Laurie is this.  I'm a personal trainer and my sister hates everything about exercise and healthy living.  Since she lives in Nebraska & I live in Hawaii, she's working with me as a E-Training (online) client.  

It's working!  Laurie knows being healthy is important for her well being and the well being of her family, so she's doing what she can - with in the boundaries of what is realistic for her.  I couldn't be more proud!

We talked extensively about what her goals were, previous experience and her feelings about exercise.  We simply work around it.

I plan short movement sessions for her.  She's given workouts she can do anywhere, wearing regular clothes and can then move on with life.  She also gets short videos she can follow along with easily.

Once a week she takes the kids to the YMCA for a class and goes on a cardio machine or the track while they're in class.  She goes slow and only does what is enjoyable.

We're taking this slow and making this something she can do for a lifetime.

The investment v payoff is now much more equal than if I gave her say, a run program.  She's making strides to be healthy even though she honestly doesn't like exercise.  She's fitting it into her lifestyle, and she's going slow so she's not overwhelmed.  

If you have similar struggles, it's ok!  Be honest about your likes & dislikes.  Work with what you can, or are actually willing to do.  You can still make healthy strides!  Let me know if you need guidance! 
-- Written by Emily Collins, owner of OnTrack Fitness & trainer Honolulu HI