Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Healthy meals

There's no reason you can't eat well every meal, every day even with limited time.  Healthy meals don't have to take forever nor do they have to be complicated.  

If you're a mom with a busy schedule it can seem impossible to feed the family without the help of a drive through.  Our fit mom trainer, Doni, who is a new mom & military wife shares her simple and healthy recipes.  It is possible with a little planning.

Here's a start with two great recipes.  Enjoy!

Stuffed Bell Peppers (breakfast recipe but good any time)
1) Take four bell peppers of any color. Wash and cut off their tops and cores. Let water flow into them to get the seeds out easily. 
2) Stuff them with chopped Spinach then crack an egg on top of each pepper.
3) Oil a pan with coconut oil and place peppers in the pan.
4) Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes

* I made these during meal prep and froze them. They defrost easily in the microwave (defrost for a total of 4 minutes then use the time cook setting for 2 minutes).

Easy Salad

These salads I bought as a pre-made mix at the store of romaine lettuce,
radishes, and carrots, then I added home made croutons, and cherry tomatoes (cut in half). 

For dressing you add it later when you're ready to actually eat the salad so it doesn't get soggy. I use a lite balsamic vinaigrette.

Pre make them and put them in individual containers for a handy quick meal, snack or side.

Written by Doni Bullock, OnTrack Fitness trainer San Diego