Monday, February 24, 2014

Fitness & aging: It's never too late to get healthy

This is my sweet mom, who I'm very proud of for many reasons. I'd like to
Me & my mom
share her experience about getting active again, and the importance of taking care of yourself as you age.  

Here's what she told me: 

"When I tried to exercise a few months ago I was amazed at how much physical abilities I had lost.  I was concerned about not being able to do things I was always able to do before!! I hoped I hadn't lost these abilities with AGE!  Everyone blames everything on age, but I just didn't want to accept this.  I am not that old YET I told myself! 

One thing I had always prided myself on is being able to do is stand on one leg and hold the other leg with my hand at the ankle.  I couldn't do it at all.  I couldn't even balance on one foot and just hold the other leg up!! I was scared and very concerned!  

My question was have I lost that ability forever due to age or never doing it anymore. I can be pretty stubborn when I set my mind on it.  So I started just trying to balance on one foot without hold the opposite foot.  

I practiced back and forth with both feet for a while until I was doing good at balancing again.  I felt like I was on my way. Then I tried to hold the opposite ankle.  It started out slow just being able to hold it a FEW seconds--very few!  Now I'm able to do it for a while!  I am so pleased! 

I exercise probably five days a week.  My workouts are never over 20 minutes. It's not high impact, but it's good enough to help me do things I was losing the ability to do on an everyday basis.  I have lost eight pounds and I've maintained that even though I am trying to lose more.  I eat better and feel good!" 

It makes my heart smile that she's being serious about her health. It's never too late to get healthy and see results!  We can help you get started, contact me at  -- Written by Emily Collins, OnTrack Fitness owner & trainer in Honolulu HI