Monday, March 17, 2014

Nachos made healthier

Loaded nachos can be healthy?  Yes that's right! 

This is what I do to create a healthier nacho plate...
Put some thought into the toppings

I couldn't find the whole wheat nachos that are good source of fiber (2+ grams/serving) so I got the thin & crispy kind. Reason? 13 chips have the same calories as the usual 7 chips for thick nachos. More space to load up w fresh veggies. Mental trick to feel like you get more chips. 

On here: fresh tomatoes & green onions from farmer's market, low fat cheese.  I forgot to put the black beans on until after the pic but they're a huge part of this goodness.  I like black beans but you could pick your fave. 

Beans add vitamins, FIBER (yay, we don't get enough as Americans so the more the merrier!) and protein. 
Fresh veggies add vitamins ( this is about 1.5 svgs veggie), fiber and all kinds of other goodness.  
Cheese adds calcium, protein, etc. All good for a healthy body! 

Bottom line: put a little thought into it & you can make just about anything healthier. No need to stay away from nachos, think of it as a canvas for freshness & variety! 

See how you do not need a cheat day or meal (which has become popular recently)?! No need people! - Written by Emily Collins, Owner & trainer Honolulu HI