Friday, March 7, 2014

A new love for cycling

When my husband & I relocated from Yuma AZ to Honolulu HI, we had to get rid of a lot of possessions.  This included our bicycles. 

For a triathlete it was sad because it meant I couldn't ride when I got there to explore my new surrounding, or for fitness and it meant I had to put off participating in triathlons.

But I have to also be honest about something.  I was in a small way relieved.  Cycling is my least favorite sport of the three (swim, bike, run).  
Your basic road bike, exactly what I wanted

Planning a ride is harder because you have to find longer routes than running and frankly I get really fatigued, my chronic illness & cycling don't like each other.  I recently found out that the excruciating pain in my back & neck are not me being a baby, everyone feels this way so suck it up.  Yeah, I had to be told that from my chiropractor.  He was horrified that I spent time in the saddle, saying he can't imagine the pain I must have felt.  

Well that explains a lot!  Geesh.

After being without a bike for over a year (the longest I've gone in my life), once I got my new bike I found a new love for cycling.  I'm really enjoying it!  

The chiropractic adjustments help a lot.  I also said goodbye to the best aerodynamics & hello to more comfort by sitting my handles a bit higher.  Lastly I've been riding without worry of speed.  That can come later.  Maybe not.  Who cares?!  I'm enjoying myself & I'll do my triathlon whether I'm fast or slow on the bike.  I love being a triathlete & speed isn't going to hinder that!  -- Written by Emily Collins owner & trainer Honolulu HI