Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stay 'On Track' when family visits

Living in Hawaii, we get family visiting us for vacations and we love it.  It does, however, create a challenge for my training schedule.  This month we have three separate visits from family. 
We hiked up Diamond Head Crater.
Great workout, even better views!

Since taking extending time off from exercising isn't an option, I just get creative.

My mom flew in two weeks ago on a Monday afternoon.  I made sure to get a run & weight session in on Sunday.  Monday morning I went for a bike ride.  That's two training sessions geared for my triathlon in May!  We visited the beach later in the week - I went for a quick swim.  Boom!  All three taken care of for the week.  The remainder of the week we hiked all around the island burning calories & enjoying our time together.  At night I did yoga and/or weights to ease muscle tension from the day.

Now if she weren't visiting I would do more, that's true.  BUT there's more to life than exercise...and there's no reason I can't do a little workout mixed in with enjoying family.

Next time you have a tough schedule, instead of putting exercise on the side lines, try fitting in a quick workout or maybe squeezing in some exercise time with your family members.  It's a great memory maker. -- Written by Emily Collins, Owner & trainer