Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Adjust circumstances for your fitness needs

Take a look at the picture.  That's me in the front on the bike leg of a triathlon.   Notice how upright I'm sitting compared to the person behind me?  My position is different than what you normally see on a road bike in a triathlon.  My handlebars are higher than most people would adjust them.

There's a reason why I have them high.  It's the only way I can manage the pain from scoliosis as I ride my bike.  Getting lower, just thinking about it, causes tremendous pain through my spine and neck due to the curvature.  So I adjust and continue to ride.

My chiropractor told me he doesn't know how I ride.  There has to be so much pain.  Well it's no secret. This is how.  There's still some pain but it's manageable.  This is how I'm able to reach my goals.  I adjust as needed & move on.  

When the bike shop fitted me they tried to get me to lower them.  I said no.  I know it's not as aerodynamic & to other triathletes it might seem weird but I don't care.  It's the way I have to do it. 

I've been in a lot of triathlons.  I think around 30, and I've done them all like this.  The last two I won first in my age group, even sitting upright!

Here's my point because I do have one.  Find what works.  Make adjustments to your circumstances.  Get fit.  Have fun with it.  Don't let anything stand in your way to reach your goals! -- written by Emily Collins, Owner OnTrack Fitness, triathlete & marathon runner