Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Balanced meals don't have to be difficult

I was hoping it wouldn't happen, but I finally got the bug that's going around. I certainly didn't feel up to fixing anything for lunch but I know it's important. So I put together a few things, put it on my serving dish I like & was able to enjoy a small yet balanced meal. 

Here's the breakdown:
-1 whole grain (toast)
-1/2 dairy (cheese slice)
-1 protein (egg)
-1 vegetable (broccoli)
-2 1/2 fruit (large banana & half cup OJ)

Balanced meals. It's how we should eat. It doesn't need to be fancy, but it does need to be consistent - even when we're not feeling well! 

Look for ways to add healthy foods instead of what you feel you have to take out. I did this by adding low fat cheese to toast where I could have had butter, putting leftover (from last night's supper) broccoli on the plate where I could have left it empty (& gotten hungry soon after even though I'm sick), and a small serving of juice instead of the diet coke that I really wanted. 

By shifting the mindset of adding healthy to work toward a more balanced meal, we create a positive thought process. Just takes a little practice. Try it! -- Written by Emily Collins, owner of OnTrack Fitness