Friday, June 17, 2016

Schedule workouts wisely during training season

Now that you're familiar with the eight key sessions you need to incorporate in triathlon training, let's talk about how to space out each discipline throughout your week.
Smart training will give you a big smile
on race day!

Ideally you don't want to go more than two days between each discipline (swim bike run). This may not always be possible but it's something to strive for and a template to use when you plan your weekly schedule.

When you're on your first year of training and doing only the key workouts, you may have more than a two day gab. For example, if you do an endurance swim on Sunday then your shorter faster swim on Wednesday (there's your two key swims), you'll have three days before another swim. You can either allow the gap or add in a mid distance or recovery workout on Friday.

Keep in mind that adding in an additional training session may not always be the best option. If you're real life schedule is already packed tight, this may lead to frustration, lack of sleep etc so take heed and monitor your training closely.

You also want to remember that you can add an additional training session to only the discipline you feel least comfortable with. For most people (especially beginners) that's going to be the swim. If swimming is a new skill, adding even a few minutes of practice drills can go a long way toward muscle memory.
Getting in the water often is a good idea for new triathletes

So take a look at your schedule right now & see if there's any workouts you can move to fit this template. 

Have questions? Leave them in the comments for coach Emily or email her at and let's get your triathlon training kicked up a notch!