Monday, June 20, 2016

Share the road

Last week I went for a short bike ride. I was out for a little less than an hour & in that short time here's what I experienced:

  • I almost got hit by two cars. One pulled out from a parking spot without looking. Luckily I was paying attention & had just enough time to swerve. Also lucky that no cars were behind me & none were coming in the opposite direction because I would have either gotten squished or hit head on.
    Share the road
  • A car decided he was going to pass me within inches instead of the lawful 4 feet. As he did another parked car door opened, leaving me with about 1 inch on each side. 
  • I passed at least four runners going in the opposite direction they're supposed to go...AND with headphones on. Pedestrians are supposed to go against traffic, vehicles (including cyclists) go with traffic. Let's think about how stupid it is to go against traffic with headphones on, right next to the road. If you can't hear nor can you see what's coming, how can you expect to stay safe? Thus the whole going against traffic law. It's also scary for me because if you decide to step over while I'm passing you, this will cause someone to get hit. Either you will get hit by me or I will get hit by a car. Guess which I'm choosing.
  • I passed two cyclists with headphones on. Do I need to explain this one? Please tell me I don't need to explain how dangerous this is!
All I'm asking is spend a moment to think. Be patient, just a little. Be aware. Think of the others on the road as if they were your children. Would you want someone to treat them this way? Share the road, even if you don't like it. It's the law. It's potentially life & death. Follow the rules - that goes for everyone - and things will be a LOT safer for us all.