Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family, fun and races

This past weekend was my husband's birthday. We went to King's Island and did a 5k there with family, then went to the park for a day of fun. It's become a yearly birthday gift to him because it combines three things he likes: 5k races, family and amusement parks.

I've been thinking about that day and even though it's a tough day for my adrenal fatigue, it still brings a smile to my face.

First, if I'm going to spend the day at a hot, crowded amusement park, the only way I want to is with a really good workout beforehand. This 5k fits that bill.

Second, we get to spend time with our family including our 3 young nieces and nephew. They really love the trip, and they get so excited about doing the race. I feel like we're making a positive impact in their lives as they run the race together (I think we are, read this post about my niece). Hopefully, they'll have good memories of exercise and maybe they'll keep doing it.

Third, even though this is a gift to him, as cheesy as it sounds it's also a huge gift to me. I'm so blessed to have a husband that enjoys doing races as much as I do. When we first got married, he would attend my races and take pictures. I remember wishing he would participate. One day, he decided to try one, and the rest is history!

So, I figure I can endure a long day in the heat at King's Island. It's a small price to pay for so many good things!


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