Thursday, June 20, 2013

Balanced diet

I've been working on eating more for breakfast & through the afternoon for my marathon training & it's been helpful.  

I'm also paying careful attention to balancing my diet:

  • Grains 5-8 servings focusing on complex carbs & w
    hole grains with fiber
  • Proten 5-6oz (lean) & I like to eat some protein with my breakfast.  It helps keep me full longer.  I enjoy lots of different protein sources.  I also try to eat beef once per week (which might seem low to you but we don't eat much beef in our home, just because...)
  • Vegetables 4-6 servings, super easy for me.  I like all veggies!
  • Fruit 3-4 servings, the hardest of all for me.  I like fruit but I never want to eat it so I have to make special efforts
  • Dairy 3 servings from skim milk, soy milk, low fat cheese, yogurt, pudding - lots of fun options!
I eat discretionary calories (treats) every day too.  For me that usually means chocolate & sometimes potato chips or McDonald's pie!  

I don't feel any guilt because I keep it between 100-400 calories depending on how active I am that day.  I NEVER feel like I'm missing out on anything because I eat what I want, just in moderation & with a bit of thought.  It's pretty easy & gets easier with practice.

I've been enjoying being extra healthy with balancing my diet.  It's fun for me & I feel really good.  Feeling good makes it more fun & makes me want to do it more.  It's a cycle of goodness!