Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ronna's fitness assessment week

This week was exciting because it was Ronna's fitness assessment week!  

Since we work long distance we reviewed together how to do each standardized 'test' & she completed it at home.  

The assessment is a snapshot of exactly where Ronna's fitness level is with each component of fitness.  She also took total body measurements, resting heart rate & weight.  

Now that we know exactly where she stands, we can set some very specific goals based on the findings & work toward them.  In about 3 months we're going to do the sames tests & see how well she's improved!

We're taking this one step at a time starting where she's at.  Moving more, learning new eating habits and doing it slowly is how we're doing this.  Too much too soon & things start falling apart - that goes for us ALL.

With Ronna's focus & dedication to her new healthy lifestyle she'll see great strides from her first to her second assessment & I for one can't wait!