Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tweaking my diet for better training

Marathon training & improper nutrition aren't anything to take lightly.  So I've been paying close attention to my calorie intake lately.

I've been working on being very balanced in my daily food intake but more on that later.  What I've noticed over the past couple of weeks is that I'm not eating enough during the day.

I've always eaten right around 1,000-1,100 for the first half of the day.  Too little now!  

So I've added about 100-200 calories, focusing on a bigger, more balanced breakfast.  WOW, what a difference!  I feel better, I'm less tired in the afternoon & I drink more water (isn't that interesting?)

The lesson?  Little changes make a big difference.  I'm ready to learn more.  Bring it on!