Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fitness spotlight: Ronna's progress update

It's been a while since I gave an update about our long distance client, Ronna.  I'm happy to say Ronna is doing GREAT!

Since first starting her fitness journey approximately six months ago, here's what Ronna has accomplished:

  • She went from eating hit & miss to always eating three meals a day, always 
    She looks happy and healthy!
    looking for ways to better balance & cooking healthy meals for her family.  She took the nutrition education to heart and now it's simply a part of her lifestyle.
  • Even when there's a busy week, Ronna exercises.  She uses it as her fuel to get through tough times.  Sometimes she adjusts her workouts to better fit her day but she gets something done.
  • Sometimes exercise is the last thing Ronna wants to do BUT she knows that between feelings versus goals, the goals win.  So she does it anyway and feels better afterward.
  • Ronna has been through ups and downs with how she feels about her progress, but she never quit.  She knew this is a lifelong deal she was going for and even though weight loss seems slower than we want it to be, the health - that's far better than a number on the scales.  She gets that & she committed herself for life.
And the good thing is, Ronna is benefiting in every way from her commitment.  She feels great, energy is high, it regulates mood, provides stress relief, she looks FANTASTIC...and people notice it.  That's always a plus isn't it?!

Up next we're practicing "owning" her new life and new look!

--Written by Emily Collins, OnTrack Fitness owner & trainer Honolulu HI working with Ronna long distance who lives in Cincinnati OH