Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fitness update on Ronna

Remember Ronna, my long distance client we've been keeping updates on for the last several months?  It's been over a month since I gave an update, but I'm pleased to say it's not because she isn't leading a healthier lifestyle.

Taken at Christmastime with her son.
I used this on our last post but it's so cute...
Quite the opposite, Ronna has been doing better than ever.  It's been 25 weeks since we started working together - wow, time flies!  She's made so many wonderful, healthy changes and has truly made this a commitment for life.

Here's an example  
Ronna's sleep schedule got turned upside down leaving her with about 2 hours of sleep per night (2 kids, husband who works nights, going to college - all of that will occasionally throw you out of whack!).  

We talked about how sometimes other things take priority over a workout.  There's no way she could sleep 2 hours, make her commitments AND workout.  That's not healthy.  So we purposely planned to take time off from exercise until she got into a healthy sleep pattern.  

She didn't leave this to chance.  Ronna worked on it and within two weeks her sleeping was back to normal.  Guess what - she got right back into exercising because she knows it makes her feel better and she's committed to health.

Ronna continues to see weight loss.  She's down in all of her clothes, and recently had to go shopping for new workout clothes and even a new jacket because the old one was just too big!

It's exciting, because I see she's doing everything the right way.  She's still working with me, but she's taking ownership (see last post, this was her homework) of her health instead of being dependent on our training sessions.  Recently Ronna joined the YMCA.  Now she's got so many options, plus childcare.  It's a great choice for her.  

I asked her what she would tell people who are struggling to make healthy living a lifestyle.  "Keep pushing forward, even when you feel like oh my gosh I can’t do this."  She also wanted to remind people "Be happy without worrying about the scales because they're not telling the full story." -- Written by Emily Collins Owner & trainer Honolulu HI