Friday, February 28, 2014

Mom becomes runner

This is Monya, a special lady of whom I’m very proud to know.  Monya is a mother of 2 small children, a wife & a night shift nurse.  

Now she can add a healthy, committed runner who just completed her first 5k, to the list.  She ran the entire distance and even did better than she expected.  But Monya didn’t start out as a runner…   

Monya made the commitment to get healthy first, the right way.  

Initial focus: proper nutrition & making exercise a habit.  She found recording her intake ( was a huge help toward better eating habits, saying workouts without proper nutrition is just work.’  The two must go together.  In order to gain the full benefits of exercise, the body must be fueled properly.    

Then she committed herself to training to complete this 5k.  She wasn't a runner when she started out & had doubts if she could do it, but she tried it anyway & kept going no matter what.  GOAL ACHIEVED!

This is just the beginning of Monya’s wonderful journey.  Being a lifestyle now, there’s no stopping her.  As for me, I’m utterly thrilled to see her success & even more excited to see all of her future goals worked for and achieved.  

Bravo, Monya.  You have now changed your family tree!

If Monya can set out to be a healthy role model for her family, you can too.  Never give up, set goals & ask us for help if you need it.  That’s what we’re here for!  - Emily Collins, OnTrack Fitness owner & trainer