Sunday, January 9, 2011


I took a break from doing extra things, like blogging, for a while because of my health. Read more about it here.

Following doctor's orders, I rested as much as possible, rearranged my schedule to sleep late, cut back on anything I was able to, etc, etc. Oh yeah, and I relocated from Indianapolis, IN to Yuma AZ!

Now that I'm here in Yuma, I'm actually starting to feel better! The low humidity is a HUGE relief. Even in the winter in Indiana the humidity is high. Not to mention the extreme cold.

So, taking precaution for my health, giving myself plenty of time and listening to my body along the way, I've decided to go for the goal I've had for two years: to run a marathon!

I'll be blogging about my experience along the way. It's my first marathon, so this experience is new to me. I hope that I can count on you for inspiration, and maybe encourage you to go for a goal that you've had (a marathon yourself possibly?!)