Thursday, June 9, 2011

5 Tips to stay on the fitness track

As a personal trainer and business owner, my schedule can differ from week to week. Sometimes appointments are changed at the last minute. I may start my day with just a few things on my schedule and it ends up being a busy day. That's just part of the job.

It would be difficult if didn't to get anything done, including my workouts, if I didn't do a few key things.

1. Know where my priorities are.
This means that I know what absolutely has to be done each day. If something comes up to take me from what's most important, I say no. Conversely, I try not to waste my time on things that don't matter.

2. I set fitness goals.
I'm either training for a specific event or I'm on 'off season'. Either way, I have goals. This way, I know what I need to accomplish in each workout, each week.

3. Knowing what I need accomplished each week & each day, I schedule my week's workouts.
For example, I know how many runs, bikes & swims I need to get in. I also know how many resistance training workouts I need. From there, I schedule my own workouts, just as if it were an appointment with a client.

I place high priority on my workouts, but it's not necessarily the highest. A few things (very few, but a few) come before this - just like it is with my clients.

4. I have a backup plan for when things go awry.
I rarely skip a workout even if something more important come up. I simply look at my week, and fit it into one of my scheduled days off (I take two per week) OR, if I can do it the same day later, then I will.

5. I know my limits
I know how many appointments I can handle, know when I need a nap & know when I just need to take a break from everything. If I kept pushing, I would inevitably work myself to the point I had nothing left for myself.