Friday, October 25, 2013

Marathon training update

I had a scheduled 18-19 mile long run yesterday.  The route was planned and I was ready.

Things were going really well until I realized I was at mile 16 and getting home was going to take a lot more than 2 or 3 miles.
Taken during my run

At mile 20 I started to panic.  I was still on the canal, which meant at least 2 more miles.  My body wasn't ready for this, and after all this training, getting injured due to a mistake in route would really suck.

After a few minutes of panicked thinking, I realized that I have no choice but to keep going.  There was no need to panic at the moment.  I wasn't injured.  I felt fine, and I had no other means of getting home.

My body, while it's not the strongest in the world, has become strong enough to, not only train for a marathon, but also to do more than what I thought possible.

So I started giving thanks to God for a strong body, and for the wonderful things it can do.  I started smiling at other people, and I took in the beautiful surroundings of Hawaii.

The last few miles went perfectly fine; I did a total of 22.73.  Nothing bad happened.  I made it home with no injury, with no more aches than at mile 18 and a lesson about giving thanks to God. Who woulda known?  Plus, now I know I'm ready to kick this marathon straight in the butt!!
-- Written by Emily Collins, Owner of OnTrack Fitness & personal trainer Honolulu, HI

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cycle of fitness

Today at the beach after I'd done some swimming, I overheard two women discussing their upcoming swim training as they passed me.  I assumed they were triathletes based on their lingo and their suits.

They looked and spoke like they were comfortable with the upcoming workout.  These women acted confident and when they started their swim, they
Ala Moana Beach, Oahu
obviously knew what they were doing.

You know what else?  These women didn't look "perfect" in the sense that the media likes to portray.  They didn't look like professional athletes.  They looked like normal people who were active and fit.

The only reason I was aware of what they looked like is because I'm a trainer.  NOT because I judge bodies - quite the opposite.  I work with people every day who are beginners.  They're nervous that people judge them.  They're afraid, sometimes, to work toward a goal (like a triathlon or 5k, or whatever) because they might not fit in or feel they're overweight & will embarrass themselves. 

I absolutely love it when I see people who look just like everyday people getting down and dirty with the goal of their choice!  I love it because good for them.  And I love it because they're the wonderfully perfect inspiration for us ALL to take a leap and go for our dreams!  And when we go for it, it inspires others to do the same, creating a cycle of goodness.

So, thank you ladies at the beach.  You'll never know that your afternoon training swim inspired this trainer! -- Written by Emily Collins, Owner of OnTrack Fitness & personal trainer (Honolulu HI)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pregnancy, babies & fitness

Happy birthday baby Ellie!  Our trainer had her first today.  Here's what she
wrote just a few days ago:

"With our baby due any day now my good friend and I were talking today and she asked me, "What's the thing you're most excited about doing again after you have her?" 

Without even thinking twice, I automatically said, "working out." 

Of course you can moderately work out (I walk a lot) during pregnancy but it's nothing compared to what I could do before. 

It's so weird how the human body adapts and misses exercise. I miss dripping in sweat at the gym, I miss not being able to move my legs or arms the next day, I miss waking up sore, I miss throwing weights around, I miss feeling powerful, and most of all I miss coming out of a work out saying, "Yeah, I just kicked butt." 

I know we focus on beginner's fitness, but I miss the level I was personally at. I've decided my goal after baby, is to start training for my first 1/2 Mary and get down to 12% body fat (I was 18 pre baby). 

The only thing better about this time around is that I'll have a permanent workout buddy and in my opinion, the world's most adorable spotter . Gotta start them young right?! I guess what I'm trying to say is to never take exercise for granted, even if you don't feel like you're where you personally want to be, just be thankful for the workouts you do accomplish weather it's something you're new at, or a milestone in your own fitness journey. So, do me a favor and get a great workout in this weekend!" 
-- Written by Doni Bullock, OnTrack Fitness personal trainer, San Diego CA

P.S. Don't worry, we're giving Doni plenty of baby & mommy time before she starts into training again!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fitness assessment two for Ronna

Ronna, one of our long distance clients, has been working with me for 16 weeks.  We recently had her second
fitness assessment.  Results reflected her dedication and we both are thrilled!

I'm pleased to share that she has lost 11 total inches from her body.  ELEVEN INCHES!!  

That's amazing!  The great think is, she did it the right way.  No fad dieting, no crazy workouts.  She did it through healthier, balanced eating and moving more.  She's healthier and creating a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.  

I've continuously been impressed with how Ronna has taken everything we work on to heart.  She told me she was ready for a change when we started, and boy, she was right!  Congratulations Ronna.  I'm proud of you!

If you're ready to make a change I would love to speak with you.  Contact me!  OnTrackFitness.Net  -- Emily Colllins, Owner of OnTrack Fitness

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fitness injury, illness and learning to move forward

We all have days that we would like to take a break from our workouts.  Sometimes your body needs you to rest and other days it perfectly fine, and
good, to continue.  

As cold and flu season is coming (and our beginner half marathon program), let's talk about how know when to rest your body and when it's ok to continue. 

1. The old saying work through the pain is not what has come to be true.  There are times that your body needs a break and there are times to create a workout around your injury.

2. The rule of thumb is those that are already compromised with such diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions or breathing problems should sustain from exercising until recovered from the cold or flu.  
Doctors advise if the symptoms are above the neck such as sore throat or runny nose you are safe to exercise.  You should rest if symptoms experienced are below the neck such as in the lungs, stomach, intestinal or overall body aches or dizziness. 

3. Too much of a good thing is not always good.  
Many people create injuries by over exercising.   Always put a rest day or two in your workout rotation.  Secondly, remember RICE with onset of an injury until you seek medical treatment. 

RICE is an acronym for REST, ICE, COMPRESSION and ELEVATE. 

Once you have sought out medical advice from a doctor discuss ways to continue to benefit from working out
     *Don’t do an activity that involves the injured body part
     *Don’t do it if it hurts
     *Follow your doctor’s orders
4   *Prevent injury with solid training, listening to your body and adding     rest/recovery days
 *Be proactive.  Get familiar with foam rolling (shown in picture and a wonderful way to   break up tight muscles, scar tissues & prevent injury), yoga & stress relief strategies 

4. Don’t allow yourself the excuse that you cannot exercise at all when you have an injury.  
After a knee surgery I continued to teach fitness classes even on crutches!!!  Taking into account that I was already in physically good health modifying my exercise choices was a good option for me.  Obviously running was not the best ideal plan for me or anything that required weight bearing.  In fact I was not allowed to bend my knee.  However I still was able to get my heart rate up to maintain the cardio health I had.  With the use of the stability ball I was able to accomplish a cardio workout along with upper body strength moves on the ball which allowed me to enhance my core strength at the same time. 

Remember always follow medical advice whether it's illness or injury.  But don’t always have to be a fitness victim to your injury.  Just be smart!
-- Written by Angie Conway, OnTrack Fitness personal trainer, Indianapolis IN