Thursday, March 27, 2014

Staying healthy long term

The day we last gave an update about Ronna (our long distance client we've been following) she then proceeded to fall & sprain her ankle.  Ouch!

Loving those upper body exercises!
We've been using the last few weeks to allow for plenty of rest to heal her injury, being creative with her fitness & of course to continue wholesome eating.

The first week or two focused on staying off her much as a mom of two can!  

Then we added floor work, like Pilates.  Also swimming/water aerobics at the YMCA.  

Ronna was scared to change things up, it was emotional at first.  She was afraid she'd lose everything she'd work for & missed high intensity workouts.  

This gave me an opportunity!  We reviewed how different modes of exercise can still give the same fitness outcome (generally speaking) yet feel completely different - and that's ok!  We discussed not getting addicted to the high intensity 'burn' and enjoying exploring different things.  

It was touch and go for a while.  She wasn't sold but she did it anyway.  

You know what?  On our session yesterday she talked about how much fun she's having using the upper body resistance machines at the YMCA (which is totally new to her), taking Pilates, yoga & adding the recumbent bike to the mix.  

I am beaming with pride!  She didn't give up.  She didn't lose focus - first (& most importantly) on healing & then on staying active and healthy through her injury!  

We'll slowly add more high intensity work back into her routine.  But now, because it was forced on her, she has a long list of options that she really enjoys!  

I'm excited because we're on our way to easing out of training sessions.  Not because I don't want to work with her!  No way - because she's succeeding, and THAT is what every good trainer wants for their client.

Bottom line: Don't give up!  Something may seem like a set back but it may be a blessing.  Stay positive and just keep rolling!  And as usual, let me know if you need guidance. -- Written by Emily Collins, Owner & trainer Honolulu HI

Monday, March 17, 2014

Nachos made healthier

Loaded nachos can be healthy?  Yes that's right! 

This is what I do to create a healthier nacho plate...
Put some thought into the toppings

I couldn't find the whole wheat nachos that are good source of fiber (2+ grams/serving) so I got the thin & crispy kind. Reason? 13 chips have the same calories as the usual 7 chips for thick nachos. More space to load up w fresh veggies. Mental trick to feel like you get more chips. 

On here: fresh tomatoes & green onions from farmer's market, low fat cheese.  I forgot to put the black beans on until after the pic but they're a huge part of this goodness.  I like black beans but you could pick your fave. 

Beans add vitamins, FIBER (yay, we don't get enough as Americans so the more the merrier!) and protein. 
Fresh veggies add vitamins ( this is about 1.5 svgs veggie), fiber and all kinds of other goodness.  
Cheese adds calcium, protein, etc. All good for a healthy body! 

Bottom line: put a little thought into it & you can make just about anything healthier. No need to stay away from nachos, think of it as a canvas for freshness & variety! 

See how you do not need a cheat day or meal (which has become popular recently)?! No need people! - Written by Emily Collins, Owner & trainer Honolulu HI

Friday, March 7, 2014

A new love for cycling

When my husband & I relocated from Yuma AZ to Honolulu HI, we had to get rid of a lot of possessions.  This included our bicycles. 

For a triathlete it was sad because it meant I couldn't ride when I got there to explore my new surrounding, or for fitness and it meant I had to put off participating in triathlons.

But I have to also be honest about something.  I was in a small way relieved.  Cycling is my least favorite sport of the three (swim, bike, run).  
Your basic road bike, exactly what I wanted

Planning a ride is harder because you have to find longer routes than running and frankly I get really fatigued, my chronic illness & cycling don't like each other.  I recently found out that the excruciating pain in my back & neck are not me being a baby, everyone feels this way so suck it up.  Yeah, I had to be told that from my chiropractor.  He was horrified that I spent time in the saddle, saying he can't imagine the pain I must have felt.  

Well that explains a lot!  Geesh.

After being without a bike for over a year (the longest I've gone in my life), once I got my new bike I found a new love for cycling.  I'm really enjoying it!  

The chiropractic adjustments help a lot.  I also said goodbye to the best aerodynamics & hello to more comfort by sitting my handles a bit higher.  Lastly I've been riding without worry of speed.  That can come later.  Maybe not.  Who cares?!  I'm enjoying myself & I'll do my triathlon whether I'm fast or slow on the bike.  I love being a triathlete & speed isn't going to hinder that!  -- Written by Emily Collins owner & trainer Honolulu HI 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Staying fit during injury is possible

As my silly little toe that was strained (I originally thought it was broken) recovers I've been focusing on ways to exercise that doesn't require it's use.  You can imagine how challenging that can be! But it's doable.

My running goals had to be put on hold but since I'm also a triathlete, this has given me time to swim & bike, which has been a lot of fun.  I've also
My swimming pool
continued resistance training, yoga & added a bit of Pilates. I can't do lunges, plank, or toe pushups.  But luckily my brain is full of exercises so I've had no problems.

Even though I miss running, I'm really proud of myself for taking time and care to heal.  I know I have my whole life to run and a few weeks off isn't a big deal, and there's no excuse not to take care of self during time of illness or injury!

I'm closing in on this injury, the end is in full site. I've slowly started walking and I'll be running again soon.  Until then, I'm enjoying what I can do!

Have you had an illness or injury?  I'd love to hear about how you stayed healthy and took care of yourself during recovery.
Written by Emily Collins, owner and trainer Honolulu HI