Monday, June 16, 2014

Ronna's fitness update: On her own

Over the past ten months I've been working with Ronna, who is a long distance fitness client.  Her goals were what yours may be.  She wanted to gain energy, lose weight & create a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.  

These goals take time. They take dedication & belief in oneself that they deserve it and can attain it.

Ronna has succeeded!  In fact, she's doing so well that she doesn't need me anymore.  "I know I've taken those steps and I know I’m going to continue taking those steps toward better health" she says. 

That's right.  She still has some weight to lose to get to her goal, but her
Looking good!
energy is high, her measurements are waaay down & the healthy lifestyle is a habit!

We've been through emotional ups and downs.  We've come out of illness, crisis, jam packed scheduling and just about anything you can think of.  She lost hope, she gained weight back, she felt unsure.  

But she never gave up on herself.  She worked on her body but she also worked on her attitude, her disbelief and emotions.  That's what made her succeed.  I couldn't do it for her. I gave her the facts, encouraged and held her accountable.  But Ronna did the work. 

"My body doesn't naturally crave sweets anymore.  I feel so much confidence about that now because there was a time that I just ate sweets all the time. - This was a big deal for her.  The confidence gained from seeing she made a difference in her eating patterns helped see her through the tough times and steer her toward better health & fitness. 

Another turning point was her self esteem increased.  "I saw old pics of myself that were when I was smaller & I didn't beat myself up. I feel so good about that."  Instead of being mad she wasn't where she had been in the past, knowing she'd bee there before gave her confidence she can do this.  What a great attitude!

I'm honored to have had this past year with Ronna.  Seeing her transform has been an inspiration to me.  I know that her healthy journey is just beginning & she has a life ahead that's going to be great.  Good job Ronna!! - Written by Emily Collins, Owner & trainer Honolulu HI

Monday, June 2, 2014

Honolulu Triathlon results

My last entry I discussed my upcoming triathlon, the first one in Hawaii and how I wasn't feeling ready because of some illness.  You can read about my nerves and fears here but come back because the race is

Yes, the race is done & I forgot something.  I forgot how much fun triathlons are!  Even when you're not feeling 100% they are fun.  They're all about fun, because frankly, why do them if they aren't fun.  Right? 

I forgot how much I love triathlons.  I've always raced triathlons with my health issues, and I forgot about that too.  I let the newness of the ocean combined with the newness of actually feeling healthier, then suddenly not feel well, get to me. 

But I quickly remembered the joy they bring.  All it took was me hitting the water.  That old feeling came back & the rest is history.  I smiled the entire race, loved every single minute of it (not an ounce of nerves about sharks, lol) and I got first in my age group.  A first for me!  My triathlon days are not over & I couldn't be happier about it.  In fact, my next one is already planned for September.

The morale of this story: If you have a goal or dream, work for it & do it even if you think you're not ready. You may surprise yourself & you'll certainly be glad you did it! - Written by Emily Collins, owner & trainer Honolulu, HI