Sunday, October 11, 2015

Compassion makes a big impact

Well over 20 years ago I found this little biz card advertised at a video store. I took it home and called the lady to ask her advice for an aspiring at home trainer. 

I vividly remember every detail.  She was so gracious, so kind and completely open to discussing everything & answering questions. It made an enormous impact on me. I took the advice she gave me and even more than that, the encouragement she gave me kept my fire going. I had no one that believed in myour dream. Most people told me to drop it and 'get a real job.' They pushed hard and in some cases were pretty mean, at the least they were discouraging. But this gal was not only telling me I could do this, she was living proof that it can be done. Living proof that being compassionate and sharing with others makes a difference and also can be a profession. 

I never spoke to this trainer again but I have never forgotten her. Her openness and compassion laid the foundation for OnTrack Fitness. 

To this day I believe in an open callaberation among trainers instead of the normal competitive crap you usually see.

She'll never know the impact she made but I bet I'm not the only life she touched! God wants use each one of us to shine through and love each other, and He will if we allow it. I'm thankful she allowed God to use her that day! - Emily Collins, owner of OnTrack Fitness