Monday, June 25, 2012

No excuses in fitness

You've read about Bailey in our past post.  You know she's set her sights on becoming healthy, fit & active (one of her goals was to become a runner).

In the month of June, Bailey has gone a bit up and down but overall she's had success.

She's struggled with a sore foot but has managed to keep a
positive attitude & we've worked through it.  "Excuses are like armpits" she says.  "Everybody has them and they all stink."

She lost 3 pounds so far in June.

Three pounds is 10,500 calories that Bailey has either burned off or not eaten.  Ever think of it like that?  You should be!

We're working through the book Back to Basics which is teaching Bailey healthy, practical eating & weight loss habits.  Right now, we're working on Tips 2 & 4 in the book, which is planning ahead and making time for breakfast.

We're also staying up on her calories in vs calories out to keep on track with the weight loss.

Her ongoing homework is to grocery shop, food log & of course, keep exercising (she does 4 days/week).

Bailey's doing great with keeping consistent with exercise.  She's had a sore foot so we're being proactive by doing circuit training & water aerobics until she heals.

I asked her what helps her stay motivated.  "There's a bible verse I have up at work.  'Delight in the Lord & He will give you the desires of your heart.'  I just love that verse."

Bailey, keep the positive attitude.  You're on your way!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Attitude is everything

What motivates you to stay fit?  Could it be that you haven't figured that out yet & that's why you're struggling to keep active?

Or..maybe there's something else involved.

Whatever the motivation, know this.

Attitude is everything.

Let me be clear:
No matter what your motivation is, if your attitude stinks it won't matter.

I'll use myself as an example.  I could get discouraged that my health issues cause me to be slow & it feels like I start over every time I exercise (just like my Dr said & he was right).

Or, I could feel blessed to be able to do what I do in SPITE of this.  I'm not supposed to be able to do triathlons.  But I do them.  I'm slow, I must train very carefully, but I do them.

I can run.  I can move.  I can do whatever I want to do.  I can still do it based on my personal abilities.

When things don't go exactly as planned, there's two choices you & I have. Internalize it, convince ourselves we suck, spiral down & eventually quit.

Or we could stay positive and objectively look at what's going on, make changes where needed, grow, move forward & get better and stronger.

I choose to be positive (yes it's a choice).  Otherwise I wouldn't be where I'm at now & I won't get to where I'm going.  And I'm excited about my future!  Are you excited about yours?  I hope so.

I challenge you to do two things.  First, if you don't know what motivates you find out.  Second, keep the attitude positive no matter what.  Repeat after me: "Keep the attitude positive no matter what."

Are you up for this challenge?  I hope so because it's the only way to go & it's really worth the effort.  

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exercise & injury

New athletes often ask me how to tell the difference between an injury and soreness or regular exercise discomfort. 

Here are 5 general rules:
  • Learn to understand what pain is (hear me out on this).  
If it's a sharp, shooting or acute aching feeling that's not normal.  If it's a burning or tired muscle that is ok. If you ever have sharp, shooting or consistently aching joints stop!
  • Are you injured or just have tight, sore or weak muscles?
When you're new to exercise it can be confusing.  For example, a new walker/runner can have weak shins & calves.  During exercise, they'll scream.  After exercise, they'll be sore.  

By progressing, stretching, strengthening & icing those muscles, most people will be fine.  If you ignore it and 'push through the pain' (aka, no pain, no gain) you'll most likely become injured.
  • Enjoy sore muscles.  
If you exercised the day before (or sometimes day of) & your muscles are generally sore (again, not in one spot) when you walk, turn or twist & it lasts only a couple of days you're ok.  You earned it, enjoy! 
  • Listen to your body.  
If you're continuously noticing a problem it's probably a problem, right?  

For example, if you have sore shins for a week, then their ok, then they're sore for a week,'s time to look at what you're doing & figure out why.  Are you over training?  Are you stretching & strengthening?  Terrain too rugged?  Shoes old?  

  • If something lasts a couple of weeks, time to take action.
If you're dealing with pain & it doesn't go away after a few days, don't wait.  Go to a doctor. 

Bottom line, learn to listen to your body.  If you're not sure, ask a professional.  You can start with your trainer who may refer you to see a doctor.  Better safe than sorry!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Make yourself exercise

There are going to be days, maybe a lot of days at first, that you're going to have to force yourself to get moving.  But it's worth it.

It's hard getting started but once you get going, it does get easier.  And the next time your scheduled for a workout, it's a little easier to start.  After a while, it's easier to keep going than to stop.  But there will still be days you don't feel like exercising.  Do it anyway.  I do.  So does everyone that works out.  

We know it's worth it in the short and long term.  Why?  We feel better all around immediately after we exercise.  We feel good when we see results & meet our goals.  It gives more energy to a tired body.  It clears a troubled mind.  Do I need to go on?

So if you're struggling to stay on an exercise program, remember that we've all been there.  There's no secret between exercisers an non exercisers.  Make yourself get up & do something, anything, for just a few minutes.  Make yourself do it tomorrow.  You'll be glad you did, I promise!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carey: A new mom making health a priority

Meet Carey, who in this picture was at the hospital.  In her words, this is her in "203 pounds of glory" ready to give birth to Jack.

Carey asked me to give her some exercises she could do at home to get back to an appropriate weight after Jack was born.

Along with going to the gym when possible, Carey has been also doing what she can at home. Fitting in movement when Jack is sleeping and learning how it fits in to her new life, etc.

Carey is doing well.  "I'm at 166 now.  I think the gym hasn't helped with losing a lot of weight yet but it is helping to tone me up."

She's also checking in to local moms groups.  I introduced her to FitCity Indy. They have great support for moms, which will be important for Carey as she continues her new life with her family.

"I actually zipped and buttoned a pair of pre pregnancy jeans on Friday! I was very excited about it" she says.  "They were too tight to wear comfortably still so that's my next goal- to wear them comfortably for a day."  Great goal!

Did I mention Carey & I live 2,000 miles apart?  She's in Indy, I'm in Yuma but we're making it work.  She's doing her part & I'm simply giving a little encouragement, maybe a few ideas on how to keep on track.

Carey's dedication shows that no matter what the circumstances you can always improve your health.  It's not easy having a new born.  But don't wait. Do it now.  Take time, even a few minutes every day, to keep healthy.

Are you going to take a cue from Carey?  If a new mom can do it, you can do it!  We're here to help if you need us, no matter where you live.

Do you have a story?  Let's hear it!  Leave a comment & encourage others.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Bailey's boost up part 1

This is Bailey.  She's committed herself to better health, weight loss & fitness.  Bailey started working with OnTrack Fitness around two months ago with a goal to lose weight & become a runner.  "It's time for a new chapter in life" she says.

So far, Bailey has lost about 20 pounds.  She's gone from intervals of walking 2 minutes/running 30 seconds to 1 minute walk/3 minute run intervals.  

She's also started making healthier food choices.  One main change is when she eats out.  We discussed thinking of ways to *add* healthy foods instead of focusing on *taking away* foods.  This puts a positive light on the process plus when adding healthy foods it's most likely naturally replacing something less healthy.

Her biggest struggle?  Simply "doing it - breaking the bad habits."  I can relate, can you?

Bailey has gotten "tons of support" from her co workers at the Sassy Seale, the salon where she does hair.  She also says her parents have been wonderful supporters.  It's been a big help in keeping motivated.

So how did Bailey do this week?  "Pretty good, not my best.  I gained 2 pounds because of my eating.  It was an eye opener."  This week, she's putting that behind her, moving forward and has already got one workout in, going grocery shopping & has three other workouts on her schedule.  Outlook: Very positive!

When I asked Bailey what she would tell someone in her position who hasn't started their healthy quest yet, she said "Working out makes you trust yourself.  You can be the change you want to be...even though that's cliche, it's true!"

Are you ready to trust yourself?  Take Bailey's cue & start breaking those bad habits.  We're here if you need us, let me know when you're ready!

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