Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nutrition tip

How are you doing with your nutrition habits?

Today I had overnight oats with Chia seeds, banana & peanut butter for breakfast. For lunch it was this toasted cheese (low fat pepper jack) with tomato & avocado plus almond & dried pineapple mix. A little dark chocolate for dessert (Hershey's nuggets, yum!). I'll have a snack before my triathlon training session tonight. Then a big salad for dinner & probably a yummy frozen coconut bar for dessert. 

Most day this is about the style of how I eat. I strive for a big healthy breakfast, mid morning snack if needed, big healthy lunch, snack if needed and a fairly light dinner. It depends on how much exercise I do but usually 1800-2200 calories, more during marathon training. Sometimes less (usually not) but I listen to my body & eat as needed. I try to get at least three food groups per meal (more is better), two food groups with snacks & look for ways to make sure I have enough dairy because that's an easy one for me to skimp on if I'm not careful.

If you're looking for ways to improve your diet (aka what you eat) a start would be, like I mentioned above, working on a big healthy breakfast. 

Also practicing doing the three to four food groups per meal.  For example a sandwich with just meat which is only grains & protein, it's easy to pile on veggies to get a third group & a lot more nutrition. Add a fruit for dessert & you get a gold star.  For snacks at least two food groups (Ex: instead of just crackers do cheese & crackers). 

If you sprinkle discretionary calories in after meals instead of in between meal snacks it's generally better. That was a big one for me. So instead of a few mid afternoon cookies, have one or two after the meal & ENJOY! You'll eat less of them & your energy level will stay consistent because a snack of just cookies is pure sugar so you'll get a spike then a crash.

Lastly I suggest you start thinking of food as fuel instead of how you can satisfy cravings. Enjoy everything you eat, but strive for the best fuel for your body. You'll feel SO much better! -- Written by Emily Collins, Owner of OnTrack Fitness